Will too much change break my business?

Will too much change break my business? The Terrace Initiative

Will too much change break my business?


The world is changing at an unprecedented velocity. This requires organisations to be able to thrive in a state of constant, rapid change.  This perpetual change can be daunting for leaders and employees alike. It prompts questions like “Is my team capable of handling the challenges and ambiguity of constant change?”, “Will too much change put my business at risk?, “How can I support my organisation through change with a proven approach?”

We asked our Managing Director, Corrie Scheepers, to weigh in on this issue.

More and more organisations are presented with increasing ‘transformation opportunities’ via new technologies and advancements in automation.  But the lure of being agile and taking advantage of these opportunities can often leave organisations reeling from the volume and volatility of change.  In our experience, traditional change management practises simply cannot keep up with the rate of change most organisations are experiencing.

Over the years we’ve worked with clients to support large transformation projects.  During this time we’ve developed empirically-proven approaches to enable individuals and organisations to embrace transformation effectively and embed the capability to do so continuously.

Simply put, we believe in a ‘Data-driven, leader-led’ approach to transformation.  The ‘stickiest’ most successful change projects bring together a partner-based approach that is highly analytical and harnesses the strengths of our client’s leadership teams. When our client’s leaders and teams are effectively equipped to make the changes they need, then we’ve done our job!

By ‘data-driven’ we mean analysing every aspect of change, from an individual’s and team’s levels of resistance, to the business results delivered by the change program.  All these metrics are critical to understanding risk, building mitigation plans, and effectively moving a change program forward.

We have a number of tools that support teams to inform their change plans.  AdapterGauge® as an example, recognises individuals and teams experience and transition through change in unique ways. It measures speed of adoption and levels of resistance across the organisation so that customised approaches can be developed.  ChangeScape® is a tool that helps organisations build solid foundations for change planning by highlighting key areas of focus, making it easier to predict specific outcomes and manage stakeholder expectations.

We continue to drive great change results with our clients using our ‘leader-led’ approach.  Not all leaders understand how to identify and best leverage their unique and innate change leadership strengths to drive complex change. We have proven that our Change Leadership Series® helps leaders to develop action plans gauged at sharpening and harnessing their natural strengths and preferred change leadership style. This includes, by way of examples,  a series of facilitated group activities with proven adult learning principles, one-to-one coaching,  online e-learning modules for self-paced, independent learning and ongoing support from accredited coaches.

Change Leadership Series The Terrace Initiative

Change Leadership Series

When it comes to implementing change and managing the associated risks – there are empirically-proven methodologies that enable teams, help them anticipate and manage risks and embrace transformation effectively.  At The Terrace Initiative we call this Transformation Sciences® and we are proud to have pioneered world firsts across many industries using these processes. We work with our clients to effectively equip their teams to make the changes they need, so that their business can thrive.

We build strength from within to enable change that lasts.

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