Transformation begins with simplicity

The Terrace Initiative

Transformation begins with simplicity


Brett Creedon explains the essence of how we approach change.

The language of our universe is mathematics.

Formulas describe the ordinary and the extraordinary – the arc of a ball in flight, the formation of a soap bubble or the unseen forces shaping our reality.

There’s E=MC2, but there are others as beautiful in their simplicity and power to illuminate.

The Lagrangian Equation tells you how a system will evolve with time.

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus describes the instantaneous rate of change and is used to optimise solutions.

And the Transformation Risk Equation shows where to focus your effort in any given moment during a large-scale transformation.


T = Q x L/R


These four simple symbols represent a deeper, far richer reality manifested during any transformation journey.

Beneath them lie fear, resistance, confusion but also vision, courage, persistence and growth.

Solving for this equation is what we do.

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