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Start over with strengths

When people feel safe, they devote their precious time and energy to making a meaningful contribution … especially if they are playing to their strengths. Find out more >

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Where did you go, Status Quo?

We believe that change is no longer just a scope of work to be successfully delivered by a dedicated team within a program or project, at a given point in time. It has become the ongoing context within which organisations now operate and leaders must

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Change goes up in smoke

Once we unburden ourselves with this outdated concept, we may surprise ourselves in finding new ways to embed and sustain change. Find out more >

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Transformation Sciences Overview

The Terrace Initiative’s unique Transformation Sciences delivery methodology provides innovative and scientifically grounded solutions to organisations’ most fundamental problem – How do we successfully change and adopt?  We support organisations to gather and harness empirical data to make smart, informed decisions about business change. Read

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Newsletter Issue 2

Change quantification WHY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES FAIL: DATA VS REALITY, find out more about this and see the fun side of TTI. Find Out More

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Change Leadership series

Just like your own organisation, your competitors are making decisions on a daily YOUR NOTES basis about what they should change in order to maintain a competitive edge. And what everyone is thinking is how they can make that change happen faster, easier, cheaper and

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Newsletter Issue 1

Find out more about the TTI Journey and culture that makes us so unique. Discover our 90-day change leadership RE:SET PROGRAM Find Out More

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