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Excellence as a habit

BY MELISSA BELL Let’s be clear on something. As a runner, I am not fast. I am not good. I have never once stepped on to a podium or even came close to the top third of a race. However, I am excellent. This is

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Authenticity in the workplace

I am often asked where do you work? My answer to this simple question is always the same. I work for a boutique consulting firm focused on transformation; not just any type of transformation but transformation delivered through the science of data. This unique approach

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Some perspectives on mindfulness

Mindfulness is not about getting rid of unpleasant thoughts. It is more about creating some space so we can make clear decisions about those thoughts. This links beautifully with David Allen’s idea of the brain not being there to store ideas, but to generate them.

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Start over with strengths

When people feel safe, they devote their precious time and energy to making a meaningful contribution … especially if they are playing to their strengths. Find out more >

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Where did you go, Status Quo?

We believe that change is no longer just a scope of work to be successfully delivered by a dedicated team within a program or project, at a given point in time. It has become the ongoing context within which organisations now operate and leaders must

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Change goes up in smoke

Once we unburden ourselves with this outdated concept, we may surprise ourselves in finding new ways to embed and sustain change. Find out more >

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Transformation Sciences Overview

The Terrace Initiative’s unique Transformation Sciences delivery methodology provides innovative and scientifically grounded solutions to organisations’ most fundamental problem – How do we successfully change and adopt?  We support organisations to gather and harness empirical data to make smart, informed decisions about business change. Read

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