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Adaptive Capacity gives you the edge

BY CORRIE SCHEEPERS   More than ever the organisation becomes a learning organisation. True learning results in transformation, not the addition of more information. It does not mean acquiring new skills or new technical solutions, but rather creating new understandings, paradigms, adaptive strategies and behaviours.

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6 Core components of the Transformation process

EXPERT OPINION BY DHUGAL FORD It feels like there has been an exponential increase in the number of transformation programs in recent years.  This is being met with a rigorous debate over which approach to project planning and implementation is best, to account for the

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Change and the Uncluttered Mind

Words by Melissa Bell My typical workday probably looks very much like many of yours.  I peruse emails while sipping coffee in bed and 10-minute grab-and-go lunches are a norm.  My schedule is full of back-to-back meetings where I pivot from one topic to another,

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Inspire Change Ready Teams

Transformational change is not an individual sport – it is a team event. If a single person, even at the most senior level, tries to push through a change without the support of a team, that change is likely to fail. The team captain can

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Excellence as a habit

BY MELISSA BELL Let’s be clear on something. As a runner, I am not fast. I am not good. I have never once stepped on to a podium or even came close to the top third of a race. However, I am excellent. This is

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