Case Study # 4


Data allows organisations to make smarter, more informed decisions about their strategy and operations.  However, many organisations are faced with the problem of ‘data overload’ and struggle to extract actionable insight from their data analysis.


  • Rationalise reporting and align it to organisational goals
  • Consolidate and cross-analyse data from across the organisation to find non- intuitive correlations and derive insights
  • Increase data availability so that more people/teams can extract value and insights
  • Cultivate a data-driven culture to drive fact-based decision making and action taking.

The Business problem


A multinational resource company had the ambition to become an “Insight Driven” organisation. In order to make this vision a reality, decision makers had to embed analysis, cognitive computing and simulated decision making into their core processes, operating model and technology landscape.

The TTI Impact


  • Helped the client select an enterprise-wide technology platform that would consolidate and leverage data from across the organisation and operations
  • Established a single, universal data platform which represents an integrated view of all of all data assets
  • Created a “one stop shop” for data generation and analytics to significantly improve the quality of decision making
  • Enabled the organisation to become a data driven organisation by aligning the availability of data to existing processes and governance structures
  • Embedded data driven decision making into daily processes through process re-engineering and stakeholder engagement
  • Enabled self-service visualisation and analytics and build a capability to perform advanced analytics “on demand”.
$ 5 B

Free cash flow over 5 years

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NPS Score

Optimised the process architecture and improved customer experience for a national insurance company.


Saving over
2 years

 Delivered a sea change in operating and capital costs through the planned and controlled execution of work


Cost saving

Operationalised governance processes for a HR division within a global mining company to support employee self service


Free Cash

Helped the client select an enterprise-wide technology platform to consolidate and leverage data across the organisation and operations



Created a recruitment and retention strategy that not only supported hiring a diverse workforce and also engendering ongoing retention

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