Leave “the vibe” to the movies

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Leave “the vibe” to the movies

In Part 1 of a series, Brett Creedon argues the imperative to rapidly transform is outstripping change management’s ability to deliver.


“It’s the vibe… No, that’s it, it’s the vibe… I rest my case”.

With that one-liner, fictional suburban lawyer Dennis Denuto sums up his case in the classic Australian film The Castle and cements a new phrase into popular culture.

It’s a less amusing scenario for leaders implementing large-scale, complex, transformational change.

Too often the basis for decisions, which alter the course of their businesses, teams and ultimately their careers amounts to “the vibe”.

How can that be? Especially in circumstances where organisational change management advice has been sought and followed.

Vision and engaged Sponsor – Yes.

Change methodology, plans and “pulse checks” – Yes.

Communication – Yes.

And still the transformation slips sideways, struggling to build the buy-in and momentum needed to succeed.


With a few exceptions, organisational change management as a profession struggles to meet today’s imperative to rapidly implement large-scale transformational change.

The existing frameworks, methodologies and grab bag of “collective wisdom” proves effective when applied at the project level and stretches to cover a portfolio of initiatives, but snaps under the stress of scale, speed and complexity inherent in a large-scale transformation.

The weakest link in traditional approaches has been the absence of data-derived insight and intervention. So, the Terrace Initiative has pioneered a pragmatic data-based approach called Transformation Sciences.

This approach has been tested during large-scale transformation programs defining the digital and physical future of mining and has delivered for clients.

The data creates visibility and insight that alters accepted practice for leaders and organisational change mangers as well as challenging collective wisdom.

The data dissects the change impacts, leader capability and the teams’ dynamic, strengths and challenges. The data enables nuanced change support for leaders to adopt specific solutions to engage their team and move from where they are, to high performance.

Leaders involved in The Terrace Initiative’s transformations don’t rely on “the vibe”.

Nor should you.

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