The Terrace Initiative | Our Values
The Terrace Initiative, Change Management, Transformation Sciences
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The terrace initiative’s core values

The Terrace Initiative logo
Our values are at the core of what we do at The Terrace Initiative.  They define our interactions with our clients and our people.  Our values give purpose to our delivery and shape how we participate in and give back to the communities where we live and work.


We believe that organisations and people are most effective when individuals and teams are encouraged and empowered to be their true selves.


We believe the best solutions are rarely the obvious ones. Real problem solving and innovation comes when thought is unconstrained and multidisciplinary, and when there is creative cross pollination across industry sectors and bodies of knowledge.


We believe solutions and services must be practical and tailored to the organisation where they will serve.


We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing with total commitment, a zest and a love for both the process and the outcome.  This is the zeal we bring to every client and every engagement, every day.